We will be listing the top functionalities we want to implement in VirtualHome, by priority order. If you want to contribute, please send a pull request to the VirtualHome Unity repository! We will credit your work.

Next Features

  • Improvements for more advanced procedural generation capabilities

  • Improving lightning and assets for photorealism

  • Performance optimizations to speed up reinforcement learning training

  • Human interaction with VirtualHome (VR)

Recently Added Features

  • Added new environments (50 environments)

  • Added procedural generation capabilities

  • Added physics for objects (gravity)

  • Added time changing capabilities with morning/night lighting

  • Improved lighting (real-time global illumination)

  • Improved performance for loading new environments by 20%

  • Optimized asset compression to reduce executable size to 1.6GB (previously 4.8GB)

  • General stability and bug fixes for each environment