Build Environments

You can build a custom apartment in VirtualHome. To do this, you need to create a new environment in Unity, and build a environment according to the room hierarchy defined below.

Interactable Objects

It is possible to create your own interactable objects, or convert existing objects from the included packages:

  • Complete Home Interior Pack

ProBuilder allows us to modify a gameobject, and to separate different faces for example, in order to have 2 or more gameObjects. This enables us to add interesting changes related to object states to VirtualHome.

New Animations

The animations in Virtual-Home were created using Adobe Mixamo (character animation library). Animations that are not implemented, and not playable after script generation, are animations not available in Adobe Mixamo assets. The implementation and addition of the Type action was possible because it was present in the VirtualHome assets. We will therefore take this example for the documentation.