Source Code

Here is a list of repositories containing code for the different projects with VirtualHome.

  • VirtualHome API: Code to connect and communicate with the simulator. Includes a gym-style API to train RL agents.
  • VirtualHome Unity: Code for the Unity Simulator.
  • Program Data Collection: Allows to prepare the interface based on Scratch used to collect activity programs.
  • Sketch2Program: Code to reproduce the experiments for Synthesizing Environment-Aware Activities via Activity Sketches.
  • Watch-And-Help: Code to reproduce the experiments for _Watch-And-Help: A challenge for Social Perception and Human-AI collaboration`.


We will be listing here the top functionalities we want to implement in VirtualHome, by priority order. If you want to contribute, please send a pull request to the VirtualHome Unity repository! We will credit your work.

Next Features

List here the next features by priorty order

Added Features

List here the added features, and who added them


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